Monday 16 September 2013

Day 7 - From Chatillon to Verres 23 km

Monday 16th September

Had a good nights sleep! My calf muscles, front and back are still very tight - not sure what to do with them, just have to put up with it I guess....
Ready to go by 8 am, stopped off at the bar down the road for a quick Cafe droppio and into the Panateria to buy pane and snacks for the day. Such a cute little bakery, while we are there looking at all the goodies, other ,locals come in, I wave at them and say "prima" (serve them first...) while we ogle at the goodies, and the lovely arched ceiling. 
outside the Panateria and bar at Chatillon

The weather today is a little cloudy, but no rain this morning, mostly sunshine! Yippeee!! lovely walking again today- plenty of ups and downs along forest paths between old villages, waterfalls, 

mossy trees, chestnut trees , apple orchards, acorn trees (are they oaks?) more vineyards, lovely Ortos 
farmers whizzing past along the narrow streets in their little Apes

This amazing grape press in a little village 

and the occasional castle ruin! As well as the multitude of old buildings and lovely doors...

I can't help myself, had a peek inside this little door, dustily old preserving jars and bottles inside...
We walk past lots of little shrines along the path today

The ruined Castle of St Germaine is impressive, 

Also walked by this lovely little St Germaine chapel just afterwards -

 to find inside it stacked with junk!

Some new Via Francigena signs appeared today

Coming down the trail towards Verres, our destination for the night, we lost the path for a little while - ended up walking through a little farm and asked the farmer if this was the way to Verres, and could we continue ... "si, avanti, avanti" he said waving his arms... so Avanti through his cow paddock we did - and then I had to do a very inelegant turtle / commando crawl under the fence... nearly got stuck with my pack a huge effort to stand up afterwards!

Ah, how enjoyable are the simple things in life after a long walk! The bliss of taking off boots and socks and elevating feet for 10 minutes, then having a hot shower and putting on clean clothes...

In Verres ( 23 km) there's no pilgrim accommodation - we  try the  hostel located right by the railway station.  Clean dormitories,   20 Euro per bed incl breakfast.    We also opt for the set dinner at 10 Euro, too tired to go wandering looking elsewhere tonight.
Should be an easier walk tomorrow 15km.
Address: Via Stazione, 79 - Verres (AO)
Phone: 0125 921652 / cell. 340 6204659
Type: Youth hostel
Open: All year round
Price: 20 € bed and breakfast.
Number of places: 40
Use of kitchen: no, chance dinner by reservation

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