Wednesday 25 September 2013

Day 16 Orrio Litta to Piacenza 20.9 or 25.8 km - onwards to Montale,additional 5 km

Wednesday 25th September Day 16 Orrio Litta to Piacenza - past to Montale, another 5 km
plus getting lost - total km walked.... 30 + !!

Left Orrio Litta at about 8 am, eerie early morning light over hay fields...
took about 45 minutes to walk the 3 km to  the Corte Sant Andrea  Boat Crossing over River Po - 
waited about half hour for Danilo. ( we couldn't get through on the phone last night.) I think he said he takes his children to school - scuola first... he lives down the other side of the river where he drops us off.
I recommend putting on a jacket before getting on the boat... a little chilly motoring fast along the river!

We got thoroughly lost after coming off the boat, and missed any signs directing us to turn off the dyke... taking the boat costs 10 euro and takes about 10 km off the walk to Piacenza - if you don't get lost that is!
walked an additional 5 km or more around the farms of this area, saw huge mechanical tomato harvesters in action...

finally arrived in the village of Calendasco  at 11:45 ... about 2 hours after we should have!
had a couple of caffés, checked out the local castle, Castello di Calendesco, bought provisions for lunch and walked on...

We arrived in Piacenza about 5 pm, phoned a couple of B&Bs near the city centre, bit they were booked out (tip for next city, book accommodation ahead) we phoned the Refugio in Montale, another 5 km the other side of Piacenza, and on the VF - yes we can stay, so we walk our weary feet through the lovely centre of Piacenza- lots of beautiful old buildings... but no time to explore this afternoon.
an interesting set of wheels - cute old Citroen 

after Piacenza centro, we keep walking through the suburban area, straight... a bit of a terrifying roundabout to go through, about 5 roads all intersecting and no pedestrian access! Finally arrived at Montale, the accommodation is another 1 1/2 km pat the church
Montale Church- Refugio another 1 1/2 km further on...

the Refugio at Montale is a gorgeous, fairly newly renovated hostel in an old church building. Met up with fellow pilgrim, Ricardo from Italy.
Beautiful timber beams and stone flooring

We had dinner over the road at a Pizzeria/ restaurant, I had delicious porcini risotto! (mushroom) Mushroom season now! how lucky am I?! 
Off to bed, 30 km day tomorrow, so early start...

accommodation Montale 
Ostello San Pietro-   a lovely church refugio in Montale (5 km after Piacenza.  You collect the keys at the San lazzaro church on the way ( at no. 71 ) - the gite is 1.5 km further on the same road at no 189 
10 euro each, cafe across the road also has a key.
PH: 0523614256 or 3331493595
Also has a washing machine and kitchen so cooking is possible!

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