Tuesday 24 September 2013

Day 15 Santa-Cristina to Orio-Litta 16.7 km

Tuesday 24th September Santa-Cristina to Orio-Litta 16.7 km

The other pilgrims left the hostel at about 6am this morning, they're planning on taking the ferry boat and going all the way to Piacenza today.

We had a more leisurely start at 7:30, first caffe doppio at the bar over the road. Market day here at Santa Cristina today. Similar to our markets at home, a mixture of homewares, junk - but also delicious seasonal  foods and fresh produce. I bought some apples and plums (prunes)

 then off we go... stopped for another caffe at the next village, Chignolo Po! I also had a look inside the church. We also bought supplies for our picnic lunch, the lady in the Paneteria cut our panini and made them up for us with ham, cheese, tomato... and then wrapped them on foil!

We passed Castello Prococcini below
Quite impressive! Imagine the cleaning!
Arrived in Orio Litto about 2 pm. lovely accommodation in the Commune. We were greeted by the primary school teacher, I was finishing my shower and getting dressed, when I heard a commotion and voices outside the bathroom... the teacher bought  his class of 10 year olds to meet us and practice their English on the Australians! I looked gorgeous with my wet hair wrapped in my towel!  the iPad came in handy to show photos of Australia.
The commune here seems to be very progressive and well organised, there are lots of improvements being made in the village, and an active cultural itinerary, next weekend there is music - Verdi in the Palace /villa across from the commune, (photo below) sorry to have missed it. Almost tempted to catch the bus back for the event....

The church in Orrio Litta, some interior shots
The church in Orrio Litta is being renovated on the outside, inside I was treated to someone playing classical music on the impressive organ, and some incredible religious artwork - I couldn't work out what this beheading story is below...

Had a wonderful meal at the Osteria in Orio Littta - a little family place with no menu, you get what's fresh and local on the day!

Our antipasti includes an insalate (salad) of fresh mushrooms! (plate on the left)! Mushrooms were served raw, thinly sliced, with olive oil and ground pepper, delicious! Then spaghetti with ragu  for prima.

The friendly chef, and the fresh picked forest mushrooms
The wonderful owners of Osteria, Orio Litta

deliziosa cena di ieri sera - delicious dinner last night!

Phone today - If you want to take the "taxi fluvial"(ferry) across the Pô from Corte San Andrea to Soprarivo please note that it is ESSENTIAL to phone 24 hours ahead: Danilo Parisi, 0523 771607

Our accommodation in Orio Litta
Cascina San Pietro
Address: Piazza of the Benedictines - Orio Litta
Phone: 0377 944436, 334 6176963
Email: cfcap@libero.it
Type: Hostel municipal
Open: All year round
Price: OFFER
Number of places: 6. Accommodate large groups in the municipal gym
Use of kitchen: NO

other possibilities :
B&B La Conchiglia double room 45 Euro
39 3201457138
39 3201457138

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