Saturday 28 September 2013

Day 19 Fidenza to Medesano 21.8 km

Saturday September 28th  Day 19 Fidenza  to Medesano 21.8 km 

We farewell Fidenza after our morning caffe at 7:30 am, after only an hour of walking we start to climb up into the rolling hills of Parma, the walking is much more interesting and to my liking than the flat plains of the last few days!
into foothills of the Appenines!

We walk past the church of Thomas Beckett (English Martyr 1170) 
Remains of lovely fresco

we had an encounter with a friendly dog who followed us for a km or so, 
once we got to a busier road, she kept following. I was worried she'd be hit by a car, so we  buzzed at a gate and a gentleman, who spoke no English came out, managed to convince him to get a rope to stop the friendly dog from being run over. He took her to his neighbours home to keep her in their yard. Even though she's a pit bull, she's "molto tranquilla" We phoned the number on the tag a couple of times, but there was no answer.
We arrived at Costamezzana at about 11 am and stopped off at the local bar (run by friendly Oliver) for a Caffé and toilet stop!
There was fresh Fettucini drying on plates inside... mmmm wonder what's for lunch, tempting to stop a while longer!
The owner of the dog phoned us while we were at the bar to tell us that she has collected her dog safely, what a relief!
Costamezzana has a lovely church that was being decorated for a matrimoniale, full of white roses, 

Oliver suggested we walk up the road past the church... Which we did, but its not on the VF path, so the rest of the walk we followed small, quiet country lanes to Medesano rather than the marked VF. 
We arrived Medesano  at the Oratorio Don Bosco pilgrim accommodation at 2:30 pm
No one around, men at the bar who were playing cards directed us to behind the church, buzzed on the door to no effect, (found out later we should have pressed the top buzzer, not the bottom buzzer!) phoned the number, hopefully someone will arrive soon to let us in! about 10 minutes later, a priest comes and gives us a key and shows us the facilities, lovely, clean and fairly new!
AND ... with a washing machine which we take advantage of!
  The building entrance is located just a few steps up from the bar,  towards the church. 

I've been seeing signs similar to this along the road sides, thought I'd better finally figure out what they're actually saying. "Divieto Di caccia" means hunting forbidden. 

We ate a good pizza up the main road for dinner and to the left near a park and the frutta shop where we also bought some fruit. Amazing how our appetites have increased! we now eat a pizza each! At the beginning of the walk we shared a pizza...

If I did this section again, or my suggestion to others, ( if you have the energy)  would be to continue on to Fornovo-Di-Taro (another approx 11 km past Medesano) and stay there rather than staying at Medesano, Fornovo looked like a very interesting town, has quite a few facilities, a lovely old town centre and the church looks intriguing. (We didn't find much of interest in Medesano) That would have made our walk today 32 km and the walk tomorrow about 22 km of uphill!

Our accommodation at Medesano
 Don Bosco Oratory - Medesano

Address: Via Conciliation, 2 - Medesano
Phone: 0525 420447
Type: Hostel parish
Open: All year round
Price: OFFER
Number of seats: 4
Use of kitchen: NO

Monte Genesio -  B&B 50 Euro
di Tagliavini Roberta
Via Monte Genesio 102, Miano
43014 Medesano (PR)
Tel/Fax: 0525 431163

Parish of Santa Maria Assunta - Medesano

Address: Piazza IV Novembre, near the parish
Phone: 0525 2218 - Marika: 3391260100 - Daniela: 3285480077
Type: Hostel parish
Open: All year round
Price: OFFER
Number of seats: 7
Use of kitchen: NO
Services: Possibility of breakfast and meals at the ACLI

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