Sunday 22 September 2013

Day 13 From Vercelli to Robbio 19.5 km

Sunday 22nd September Vercelli to Robbio 19.5 km

Quiet tracks along the river Sesia to Palestro, then through farming tracks to Robbio - apparently sometimes muddy, but today nice and dry.
Lovely warm, sunny weather, about 25 degrees. The air and sky are very hazy in this area over the last couple of days. Harvesting in progress this morning, even on a Sunday!

The rice fields.

We follow the narrow dykes going across the rice fields, all golden and some of the fields harvested already.

No water fountains here, so we fill up our water sacks. As we walk along, there's lots of rustling as the frogs and lizards jump out of our way - I haven't seen a snake - yet...
Walking towards Palestro - looking forward to a Café doppio!

Stopped off in Palestro  for a café doppio and something to eat, bar is opposite the church! The bells have been ringing all morning, just in case anyone forgets its Dominica - Sunday! Interestingly, the last couple of bars we've stopped at for coffees have been run by Italian speaking Chinese people!

Arrived in Robbio at the Commune at 2 pm... My feet are feeling good today in my new - very attractive white shoes! Nearly tap danced my way along the rice paddies! 

We were a little confused as to how to find the accommodation, stopped to ask a friendly couple, lots of arm poking, holding my arm, stopping others to check for advice... I could only understand about a tenth of what was said! but, together we found our way  to the local commune thanks to the great help from Bianca and Benne (photo of the lovely couple below)
also met up with the lovely helpful couple at the local bar later in the evening, where Patrick joined a good crowd to watch the footy (soccer) - I love the way everyone gets outside in the late afternoon to chat at the local bar over a Café or vino, so communal and sociable. The bar even had sparkling, "frizzante" white wine on tap! first time I've seen that! I had a prosseco as my evening aperitif .
Only took about 12 photos today! A reflection of the lack of diversity in the scenery, and not many villages to walk through...

We stayed in the parish accommodation in Robbio which was fine, but basic. Right next to two bell towers! Even our ear plugs couldn't block out the hourly bells! So we didn't get much sleep. 
Coming out of the commune double door into our accommodation. 

We're in the land of Rice and rissoto- but I still haven't managed to eat one yet! Only a pizzeria open here in Robbio last night within walking distance of our accommodation.
Interesting fired clay surrounds in the old local church - no stone on the flat plain lands 

Accommodation in Robbins - very simple, inside, upstairs in the commune.
Oratory Parish Robbins
Address: Piazza Santo Stefano
Phone: 0384 670436, 340 1539929
Type: Structure religious
Open: All year round
Price: OFFER
Number of places: 3

other options - we didn't find this one...
Albergo Moderno, Via Mazzini  approx $38 AUD pn
Located in the historic centre of Robbio, Albergo Moderno has a restaurant, bar and free lobby Wi-Fi. It offers classic en suite rooms with a TV.

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