Friday 27 September 2013

Day 18 Fiorenzuola-d'Arda to Fidenza 22.2 km

Friday September  27th Day 18 Fiorenzuola-d'Arda to Fidenza 22.2 km

We had a bit of a slow start today, Patrick set the alarm, but forgot to turn it on! consequently by the time we packed, stopped off for Caffé and bought our picnic lunch, it's 8:45 am
Walked through typical farms of the plains area, lots of work going on harvesting and tilling the soil.
Fairly typical farmhouse for this area, house to the right, and farm buildings attached to the house on the left.

We stopped off and spent some time at the amazing The Abbey of Chiaravalle de Colomba, built around 1130
The cloister is stunning, 
Walkways of the cloister

every piece of the building has meaning and significance...

Frescoes and artwork fill the interior of the church

An intriguing organ with beautifully painted doors.

paintings of various saints

Onwards through more fields of tomatoes, Lucerne hay being cut, corn... seemed to walk around the fields for no reason sometimes, rather than a more direct route- I'm sure the pilgrims of old would have wanted to get to Roma ASAP... Lovely old tractors alongside the new, all in working order said the farmer!

While walking along, (feeling a bit visually fatigued by fields of tomatoes, lucerne and corn...) I reflected on some of my observations of Italy...

Cycling- It seems all Italians cycle! from babes in the cycle carriers to the older members of the community. 
There are definitely two styles of cycling, one is the road bike, where full road cycling attire is always worn, and the cycling is taken quite seriously! every day we pass many of these cyclists. 

The second style of cycling is the serene, and stylish - the village or town cyclist. Usually dressed immaculately, and managing to look very relaxed on their bikes, sometimes talking on their mobiles, usually with baskets attached for pane, or other produce- this style of cycling is often a family affair, with baby in the bicycle seat, mum and dad cycling along together or it could be Nonna cycling with the grandchildren. 

Often cycling is a social event too!
The road cyclists have ALL the appropriate attire!

We arrived 3:10 pm to accommodation at Alburgue in Fidenza. Fidenza is in the province of Parma, Emilia-Romagna region.
After a lovely shower and short rest to elevate the legs (I noticed I've developed quite a sock tan! and I need to get my toenails painted...) 

We're ready to explore Fidenza! 
Starting off with an aperitif at a bar in the Piazza. 

I've observed the locals often have this lovely orange coloured drink, found out its called a macchiato (like the coffee) it's a shot of liquor such as Campari with sparkling white wine, not too bad!

The Fidenza Duomo 

Carving of pilgrims walking to Roma

Intricate carving, paintings and realistic sculptures
I couldn't go down into the crypt, as there was a small mass service. This family is preparing for a christening.

DINNER tonight

Tratoria Antica - vicolo antini
Vicolo Antini. Fidenza
Tratoria Antica - near the main square and the duomo (highly recommend this local trattoria!)
Another trattoria where there is no printed menu, just three options for each course created from local seasonal produce!
We can see the kitchen, and watch the action, smells delicious!
We go with what's recommended 
pears, Parmesan regiano with a sparkling white- delicious sparkling white!

prima - tortelli  Di erbette - pasta, made fresh in the house, when you order with ricotta and spinach 

secondo- filetto Di maiale - pork fillet with peppercorn sauce (first time I've been able to make it to secondi!) Wine is a local Lambrusco, not something I would normally choose, but we went with the recommendation and it was delicious!

dolce- Patrick, torte Di mille , apple cake (I just had a taste...) A memorable meal, with friendly service!
Not too far to,wander back to,the Albergue through the streets of old Fidenza

Accommodation Fidenza
Albergo Ugolini , Via Cornini Malpeli 
PH: 052483264
45 euro double room (pilgrim price)
Very close and handy to Historical centre of town, also not far from railway station.
clean, simple basic room with bathroom.

Other accommodation option

Convent of the Capuchins - Fidenza

Address: Via San Francesco, 7 - Fidenza
Phone: 0524 522035 - 0524 520118
Type: Religious Structure
Open: All year round
Price: OFFER
Number of places: 8
Use of kitchen: NO


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  1. Hi guys,
    I finally managed some time to sit down and read about your adventures. This has been the perfect way to spend a lazy morning. The photos and commentary are awesome and we really feel that we are sharing this with you. So thank you for keeping a blog and letting us be a part of your wonderful walk.