Wednesday 23 October 2013

Day 44 From Montefiascone to Viterbo 18.1 km

Wednesday 23rd October day 44
Descending along farm tracks and ancient roads, passing thermal springs before entering Viterbo on busy roads. ( Lightfoot guide book description)

My feet are feeling better today, we start off walking up to the gardens and fort at the top of Montefiascone, lovely views of the countryside from here. 

Our last views of Lake Bolsena from Montefiascone 
gardens of the fortress at the top of the town glow in  the early morning light.
Pilgrim statues  on the way out of town

the message the plaque below the statue
Goodbye Montefiascone 
We're soon walking along rural roads again
Then we walk along stretches of beautifully intact Roman Roads

along more farmlands - puppy patting... think Patrick's missing our dogs

The hot springs of Viterbo - we arrive about 11:15 am , making much better time today - if these springs were  in another country like Turkey or Morocco, there would be stalls with peope selling tea and snacks such as gozleme... here not a thing! not even much of any old ancient baths remain just a newish area designed for those with motor homes - where you pay to enter

us poor pilgrims went into the free side

Patrick did some modifications to the pipes to let more hot water enter the pool!

I think the thermal water is pretty good, my feet are feeling better and rested!
We pass some olive harvesting by hand, farmers raking the tree branches with a special olive rake, and the olives fall into the net below ready to be collected

The pilgrim entrance to Viterbo isn't very attractive,  once we pass through the newer areas it gets more appealing in the old quarter.

The pilgrim accommodation doesn't open until 3:30, so we walk to the main commune piazza and have CaffĂ© at 1:45 pm and some lunch - pranzo before heading to find our accommodation 
Photo below is the church at the front of the pilgrim accommodation 

Entrance to accommodation is nicely marked 
The accommodation is one of the old towers connected to the town walls!
feet and legs are feeling a bit sore, but not as bad as yesterday maybe the  healing thermal springs have worked some magic !
I wonder why there are no old buildings,or remains  around the thermal springs we stopped at before Viterbo?

We wander around the wonderfully intact medieval quarter after a shower and rest 

Inside  the San Pelligrini  church in the medieval quarter

carved  water fountain
The  Nuovo church of Santa Maria has a pulpit on the outside!
Inside there are lovely frescos, painting and stone carvings
Lovely, warm welcome and dinner with hosts Grazia, Andrea and  Luciano 
Grazia  cooks up a lovely  dinner
It's wonderful to share a meal and chat about our pilgrimage with our  Francigena hosts Grazia, Andrea and  Luciano. - including their own red wine, and some grappa with dessert. 
They're wonderfully kind hearted and generous hosts. When the pilgrim accommodation closes at the end of October, they maintain their section of the Via Francigena, keeping it clear and well marked.

Our accommodation tonight;
Address: Via San Giovanni Departed, 1 - Viterbo
Phone: 335 1621652
Type: Hostel Pellegrini
Agent: Maria Grazia Andreoli
Open from mid-March to late October.
Time: 15:00
Price: 10 €  €20. each bed, dinner and breakfast 
Number of places: 10
Use of kitchen: NO.

other options

Address: Via San Crispino, 6 - Viterbo
Phone: 0761 220761 - 347 5900953
Type: Religious Structure
Open all year
Price: 10 €
Number of places: 10
Use of kitchen: NO.

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