Tuesday 15 October 2013

Day 36 From Siena to Ponte-d'Arbia 28.2 km

Tuesday 15th October Day 36 From Siena to Ponte-d'Arbia 28.2 km

After leaving busy Siena, our trail returns to tracks over exposed Tuscan hills. Take food and water to avoid detouring into villages for provisions.
"If you undertake this itinerary on a sunny day, it can be unforgettable thanks to unlimited views visible from the crests of Val d'Arbia, following never-ending white streets. At your back you can admire the profile of Siena, laying on hills at the horizon"...note from guide book! 
 NO VIEWS TODAY FOR US THOUGH!  it's not raining, but we've been walking through misty fog since leaving Sienna shortly before 8am! 

Found an open bar in a new looking  industrial complex right alongside the VF! Great CaffĂ© and toilet stop at 9:45 am. There are a couple of other opportunities to stop for food in the first couple of hours.
For me, the walking isn't that scenic today, lots of rolling hills, but mostly ploughed muddy fields...
We walk through the hamlet of Cuna
La Grancia di Cuna, an old walled barn, is an interesting historical feature on this route, currently undergoing some much needed work, we managed to sneak a little peek inside this very large, old grain storage, pilgrim  and farm complex.

Lovely ceilings, and old statues still in place

Leaving Cuna. The church apparently has a fresco depicting pilgrims, but it was closed...

arrived in Ponte- d'Arbia at 2:40 pm- shower and rest then a light rain started to fall at 3:30. feels good to be at our destination, inside, clean and dry when the rain starts.

 Not a whole lot to see in this little village...
Pizzeria and trattoria over the road was great for dinner

Don't think we needed that second half litre carafe of Casa Rosso though!

Our Accommodation tonight;

CENTER CRESTI - LOC. Ponte d'Arbia

Address: Loc Ponte d'Arbia
Phone: 0577 370096 - 327 7197439 - 348 6021256
Email: padrinim@libero.it
Type: Hostel religious
Open all year
Price: Offer
Number of places: 20
Kitchen use: YES

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