Saturday 5 October 2013

Day 26 Cinque Terre (train to) to Pietrasanta, then walk to Camaiore8.4 km

Day 26 Saturday October 5th

We reluctantly depart the stunning Cinque Terre village of Riomaggiore by train to rejoin then Via Francigena at Pietrasanta, then walk on to Camaiore. 
We woke up last night to a storm, rain, thunder lightening! jumped out of bed to close all the shutters. This morning it's overcast, but no rain at the moment. The ocean is a bit choppy, and I haven't seen any boats arriving or departing yet I think its too rough.
Rain forecast today, Saturday - currently overcast, but fortunately no need for our wet weather gear!
We leave on the 9:40 am train for La Spezia, then change for a train to Pietrasanta, €10:40 for both of us.
I saw the bright white marble mountain quarries of Carrara from the train, we flashed by too fast to take a photo! The marble quarries on the mountainsides looked like snow at first glance.
The Pietrasanta Duomo Piazza is nice and handy to the train station.
Walking through the portal into the duomo piazza at Pietrasanta 

We stopped off at the Piazza Duomo in Pietrasante, a modern sculpture display is being held in the Piazza Duomo
The Duomo San Martino, building commenced in the 14th C 
even more stunning than usual, as its being decorated with greenery and white flowers - lots of marble everywhere!

Pietrasante seems a very upmarket town... I love the name of this shop front! even the houses have counselling!
Alien dog from Men in Black???

Walked past this little four wheel electric Ducati - don't think that one will be on my wish list, 
Amazing Bronze doors of little church we pass on the way.
We see hilltop villages - not our destination today...
One section of the walk today is through a long steep, muddy gully, I think it would be impossible and impassible if it was raining! Luckily for us its been recently cleared of prickles.
then we walk on to the village of Camaiore along a canal for a couple of kilometers

We arrived at Camaiore at about 3 pm had some difficulty finding the accommodation - As usual, we go to the church, go to the nearest bar and ask! A friendly Italian gentleman walked us to the Oratorio II Colosseo- (seems like a church run community centre)  around the corner, through the portal, 

around another corner! And luckily, Angelo was there, so we're all organised for the night.
After our usual arrival routine - shower, make bed, rest feet... We venture out into the cool evening, with light drizzle for our evening passeggiata to explore Camaiore. Even though the weather's not the best, it seems as though most of the town is still out and about, 
Inside the church,
I love the variety in the fruit and vege shops! So many different varieties of beans, zucchinis , and zucchini flowers ...
We have farinata and I also have vegetable and erbe torte for dinner at this lovely pasticeria and pizzeria. The oven and cooks are kept busy at the 50 year old deep woodfired oven. There's about ten of these little shops in the town!

Tonight's accommodation
Camaiore- Oratorio II Colosseo
Via Tabarrani, 26 
needed to phone Angelo on 3206324713

After walking through Valpromaro, my suggestion would be to continue on and stay at the lovely Ostello, there... you can buy supplies in Camaiore and cook in the kitchen.

Parrocchia San Martino
Loc. Valpromaro 
PH: 0584956028
beds 7


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