Friday 25 October 2013

Day 46 From Sutri to Campagno-di-Roma 24.6 km

Friday 25th October  day 46

We're up before 7 am, our boots are damp... despite being stuffed with most of a roll of paper towel. At least they're not soggy! We're at the bar for our Caffé and pastry by 7:30.
No rain this morning and the sun is out as we leave the town centre - fantastico!
morning cleaning, I love the brooms made out of twigs, they're used everywhere.
The path leads from Sutri past the ancient archeological sites! 
Etruscan Tombs - pre Roman

an amazing early Roman amphitheatre carved out of the tuffa rock (light volcanic rock)
Amazing! so ancient, and unlike other Roman amphitheaters, not made with blocks of stone - this was carved out of the existing rock

more etruscan tombs

then we walk through olive groves and hazelnut groves

we arrive at the village of Monterosi at 11 am, just perfect timing for another CaffĂ© and hot panini with spicey salumi and fromaggio. Spicey chilli options on the menu have appeared over the last couple of days 

We get some lunch snacks from the busy bakery - 

It's strange, even though yesterday was a harder walk, and longer... it didn't feel as difficult as the walk today. I definitely felt nourished and energized by the welcome and companionship we received at Viterbo, whereas I felt none of those things from the rather aloof and detached Carmelite accommodation experience.
It hard slog this afternoon body complaining, alternating between discomfort and low level pain. My right foot bones really painful again, and a sore hip and back... I really need to go to the chiropractor! I almost felt like having a little cry, but then thought... what's the point? just toughen up, and keep going one step at a time princess.
there's a motorbike race track somewhere to the right, hearing the loud incessant noise of the racing bikes is incredibly annoying, like hearing a mosquito buzzing around your head when trying to go to sleep.
Finally we can see Campagnano Di Roma!

We arrive 3:30 pm at Campagnano medieval quarter 

we walk along the main via - graffiti... I guess some things are everywhere!
There seems to be more rubbish and dirt the closer we get to Rome.
great texture in some old doors
Many old medieval features have been plastered over, some sections remain

I love the colors and texture of this building and the shutters
We find our  accommodation, decided to treat ourselves to a B&B tonight! the "Righetto" on the Main Street in the old quarter 

Ahhh... savor the moment when we walk into our room, take off packs knowing we don't need to put them on again for 14 hours! enjoy a big comfy bed, bathroom with white fluffy towels, soap, shampoo,and conditioner, and... a hair dryer! All in a lovely old building.

a self serve Lavanderia down the road.. pilgrim paradise!

Pizza and a beer for dinner

tucked up in bed by 9pm. Only two more days of walking and we arrive at St Peter's Square!

Our accommodation tonight
Hotel Ristorante da "Righetto" Campagnano Di Roma
Corso Vittorio Emanuele,70
80€ for two bed and breakfast
in the Main Street of the old quarter of Campagnano Di Roma- good location, good rooms and ensuite bathroom


Address: Via Dante Alighieri, 7 - Camps
Phone: 06 9041094 - 333 9381576
Type: Religious Structure
Open all year
Price: Offer.
Number of places: 20. No beds, only with mattresses on the floor.
Use of kitchen: NO.


  1. I and my wife also stayed at the Righetto in September 2019 doing our VF from Lucca to Rome.

  2. It was a lovely place to stay! have you walked further along the Via Francigena?