Monday 14 October 2013

Day 35 Monteriggioni - Sienna 20.3 km

Monday 14th October Day 35 Monteriggioni - Sienna 20.3 km

As we prepare to leave Monteriggioni, we realise none of the bars are open yet!

 Mio Dio! no Caffé or breakfast before we start walking! 
Farewell fairy tale village...
Walking through some lovely forests.

There are no villages or bars on the walk today, so we take a short detour off the track to Il Ceppo after a couple of hours at 9:45 am to a road house on the Via Cassia, some old blokes are in the bar having breakfast- including a red wine to start the day!

another Castello in view along the walk this morning...
Think,that's Sienna ...
arriving at Porta Camollia in Sienna (see red and white VF sign artfully included in photograph on the right!)

the traditional Via Francigena entrance to Siena. 
The Piazza del Campo- on the site of the original Roman forum.

the fountains at the top of Piazza del Campo 

The commune - focal point of the Piazza del Campo
 inside one of the gorgeous Palazzos
looking down one of the many alleyways to the terracotta roof tops

the Duomo in the late afternoon sunshine

Black and white marble...

the sculptures are so intricate!
Patrick having a chat with an Italian Colleague near the Duomo 
palazzos and sculptures... 

walking along, Sienna is full of surprises! An old fountain and baths...
lovely light fittings,

I'd love to tie my horse to this hand forged iron ring!

We also get the feeling that even though Sienna is a walled medieval city, it is a "Real" city - unlike the villages of San-Gimignano and Monteriggioni which seem to have reinvented themselves to please tourists.

We are staying at the Santa Luisa tonight, 

a lovely religious house of charity.

Our accommodation tonight;

Address: Via San Girolamo, 8 - Siena
Phone: 0577 284377
Type: House of Hospitality
Independent: Sister Ginetta
Open all year
Price: Offer
Number of places: 8
Kitchen use: No. You are offered breakfast and dinner

other accommodation options

Siena: Convento Figlie della Carità "San Vincenzo", Piazza San Girolamo, 8 – Tel 0577 21271 – 340 8721787 - –  5 spots  - kitchen available 

Siena: Ostello della gioventù Guidoriccio, Via Fiorentina 89 - Tel 0577 52212 – 100 spots - Breakfast included
Siena: S. Regina, Via Bianca Piccolomini – 57 spots - Breakfast included
Siena: Accoglienza Santa Luisa, Via San Girolamo 8 - Tel 0577 284377 – 8 spots
Buonconvento: Parrocchia SS Pietro e Paolo, Via del Sole 13 - Tel 0577 806089 - 10spots

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