Friday 20 September 2013

Day 11 - From Cavaglia to Santhia 13.6 km

Friday 20th September Day 11 - From Cavaglia  to Santhia 13.6  km

Had a little sleep in until 7 am this morning.
Then as we're only walking 13.6 km  decided to have breakfast here in Cavaglia and a bit more of an exploration of the old town before we set off. Its lovely to wander around without packs on our backs!

The walking is fairly flat and even this morning through intensively farmed land. dairy cows, lots of sorghum, corn, soya beans. No villages, just farms. not many grape vines, such a contrast from the last few days of walking!

A shrine along the way near a farmhouse 

and walked by the first rice paddies this morning, the paddies are dry and the rice is looking fully grown and golden... maybe harvest time soon?

stopped near a rice field for a mid morning snack and relax in the shade.

met 2 Swiss walkers around 12:00  and had a chat while walking, they're continuing on to San Giomo, another 1 1/2 hours walk.

Arrived at Santhia, at the Caffé Della Piazza at 1 pm had a great café then they showed us the accommodation, just across the square! time for a shower and rest. good to have an easy short walk! I tried putting both my inner soles into my boots today, it makes my feet well cushioned for rocky paths, but too tight on my toes. Will rethink my boot inner sole structure again tomorrow!

The church here in Santhia is quite special, full of relics, statues and artwork. There is also a crypt underneath the church.

And an interesting Madonna and child


I found a 3 phone shop and bought a data SIM for my iPad, 20 euro for 2 months - hopefully that will make things easier for posting blogs, so I don't need to wait for wifi access!
Off to Vercelli tomorrow a longer walk of around 27 km  - Vercelli is the Rice capital of Europe!

Accommodation Santhia
Phoned to book ahead -  cafe is near the church
Via Francigena friends – Town of Santhià website and pilgrim accommodation

Hostel of the "Friends of the Via Francigena"
Address: Via Madonnetta, 4 - Santhià
Phone: 333 6162086
Type: Hostel municipal
Open: All year round
Price: 10 €
Number of places: 6
Short description: The keys are kept "Caffè della Piazza," Immobilcasa Agency or Brigade Command
Association Via Francigena friends – Town of Santhià
Via Madonnetta 4
Information: Caffè della Piazza – mobile phone +39 333/6162086

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