Saturday 31 August 2013

Preparation and Packing

In one week from today, Patrick and I will be on the aeroplane winging our way to Zurich! So, to get our final preparations underway, I've pulled out my 60l backpack, aired it out and tried to list and weigh everything I plan on taking. Of course at first the weight was way over my target, some serious pruning has resulted in the list below! I'd like to keep the weight of my pack 10kg or under, but with needing to pack a self inflatable sleeping mat, and a down jacket for the alps, plus cover the diverse possible weather conditions (rain, cold alps, heat, sleeping in our tent & monastery floors) we will encounter on our Cammino of the Via Francigena... keeping the weight of the pack down is proving to be challenging.

I usually walk with a front pack, where I keep my guide book, documents, iPad, camera, sunscreen etc... here's my packing list, along with approximate weights, and a photo of everything laid out - will it all fit into my pack???

Since returning from our Via Francigena, I've added some notes to some of the packing list below, and put a line through things we didn't need. 

Packing for Via Francigena September - October
backpack- 2kg

Packed in bottom section of pack  

self inflatable mattress 900 GM  we didn't need the matresses at all! 
down sleeping bag 1000gm
waterproof over pants 200 GM
waterproof poncho 300gm (very handy, covered pack and body)

Packed in top section of pack - easy access if weather changes
gortex jacket - 550 gm
light fleece jacket - 300gm

Main body of pack - everything sorted into stuff sacks, makes it easy to find what's needed! 

2 litre camel back - fits inside sleeve in main pack, with drinking tube
toiletries - shampoo & conditioner, moisturiser, sunscreen, soap, -900gm
underwear x 5 bra x 2 - 300 gm

socks x4 pairs - 200 gm- including fantastic injini liner toe socks! never had a blister wearing these!!!
singlet x 1- 100gm
silk LS shirt - 50gm (something nice to wear when dining out!)
Tshirts x3- blue 120gm, black 100 gm green 100 gm
LS pink Tshirt- 150 GM
Patagonia blue base layer - 120 GM (didn't need it, weather was warm)
long sleeved shirt - 120gm (wear on plane)
short sleeved black shirt - 100 gm
travel jeans- 400gm
zip off travel pants - 300 gm (wear on plane)
shorts -200gm
leggings - 250 gm 

travel towel LG - 300 gm
down jacket - 550gm (doubles as a pillow in it's stuff sack) didn't need it
hat, swimmers, sarong - 200gm
sandals 400gm
walking boots (wear on plane)
(approx 8400 gm for back pack + contents) 

Font day pack - 2950 gm
arm warmers -50gm 
cup & spork- 100gm
head lamp -100gm
canon 7d camera - 1.5 kg
wallet passport and documents - 300gm
iPad 900gm


Amazing how rolling things up, rather than folding - and then compressing into stuff sacks can result in everything fitting into the pack! clothes on the table are what I'm wearing on the plane. I'm undecided about wearing boots or sandals on the plane...

Ready for our Cammino! I've attached my scallop shell from 2009 Camino de Santiago to my pack - with a spare shoelace! (just in case)

Ciao until next week!

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